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Why You Lose Hair                       

The loss of hair is among the worries that keep a lot of individuals awake during the night. The hair is a representation of the overall appearance of most these people. The lack of hair on the scalp can be due to both controllable and uncontrollable lifestyle.

Changes in lifestyle, dietary eating plan, the inadequacy of vitamins in the body, stress and hormonal imbalances.  The solutions to the menace, however, have tried to be curbed with the use بخاخ الشعر tools. The growth and regrowth of this hair are one of the major measures that are being implemented all over the world. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore understanding the origin of the hair challenges is all sorted out. The following are the major causes of these hair problems.

Causes Hair Challenges

  • Thyroid disease: this represents diseases such as a hypothyroid disease which can lead to the falling of hair. However, solutions such as yoga can be used in further understanding of the
  • Immense stress: The higher the levels of stressful conditions the increases in possibilities of having falling hair issues. Anxiety brought about by stress is a perfect prerequisite for hair loss. Trying to minimize stress and employing the use of a بخاخ الشعر can help turn things around.
  • Poor dietary factors hair is formed from proteins. The inadequacy of feeding on protein predisposes the body from further loss of hair. Maintaining a diet that has the right amount of proteins to help in the manufacture of hair cells can result in perfect hair solutions.
  • Pregnancy: being pregnant can result in a significant loss of Hair both for women. This is mainly due to hormonal imbalance that is also accompanied by other stress factors associated with the pregnancy.
  • Genetics:  baldness and thinning of hair sometimes is the fault of the biological composition I someone’s DNA. When your family history shows that almost 90% of your immediate relatives are bald or have been bald then there are high chances you will follow suit. This is because the gene is passed down from generation to generation.
  • Fungal infections: Funguses such as ringworm are famously known for their persistence in the body. This fungus can cause infections which results in considerable loss of the body hair if the condition is not treated.

The challenges and manifestation of hair loss are possible to solve. Understanding these causes is the vital first step in looking for the solution to the problem.

Weight Loss Preparation – Know Your Numbers!

Before you begin your weight loss journey, it’s important to know your numbers where it concerns your overall health. There are a number of different health statistics you should know. Let’s start by going over the most important.


Your BMI, or “body mass index” is a strong indicator or measure of how overweight you are. By calculating what the normal weight is for someone of your height, the BMI will give you an idea of how much fat you have on your body by taking your height and weight and calculating a number.

Luckily, getting an estimated BMI is easy and you don’t need to go to the doctor’s office either. You can simply use one of the many free online tools, including a specialized BMI calculator for women and another that is available just for men.


Knowing your cholesterol numbers is critical, especially if your family has a history of heart problems. However, knowing your cholesterol numbers before and after losing weight is especially important. Your doctor might have told you that your numbers are high, and going on a diet is one of the best ways to lower your cholesterol. Using these numbers as an indicator, your doctor can decide whether or not to recommend stronger action, such as prescribing medication.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is a vital indicator of overall health. When you embark on a weight loss plan, it’s especially important to keep track of your blood pressure. Lower blood pressure is a great indicator that your weight loss plan is working well. Exercise is great for blood pressure, especially lighter exercise like walking, jogging, hiking, stretching, yoga or Pilates. Integrating light exercise into your weight loss plan can be extremely effective for reducing your blood pressure.

Blood Sugar

For people who have a health challenge such as diabetes, pre-diabetes or are at risk for diabetes, knowing your blood sugar statistics is vital. It is well known that both tenets of a weight loss program, including diet and exercise, can decrease blood sugar vitals on their own. Together they have a strong effect on blood sugar problems. For some people with diabetes, losing weight can decrease or even end their reliance on medications. For people with pre-diabetes or risk factors for diabetes, they can head off diabetes completely and avoid developing type II diabetes.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Your RMR or “resting metabolic rate” is simply the amount of calories that your body burns while it is at rest. Knowing this number is useful for calculating the amount of calories you can consume each day to either maintain or lose a certain amount of weight. By knowing this number, it is an indicator of how well your metabolism is working. Changes in this number can help you adjust your workout routine or diet to get your metabolism working more efficiently.

By keeping a record of these statistics before, during and after your weight loss programs, you or your doctor can determine your overall health and how much you benefitted from the weight loss program.